Tuesday, April 7, 2009


i have created a modern-day definition of "hell" with a friend...so, between him and myself...we know WHAT, WHERE and WHEN "hell" is present...

hell is not merely a place.

i believe the time has come that this "exact" definition of hell is divulged...with some pun intended...it pays to laugh a lot...music to the ears...uplifting to the soul...because of "hell"

our childhood would never be complete without the elders telling us that "our souls would burn in the fires of hell" if we are not good kids, if we do bad things, if we answer back, blah blah blah...and when i come to think of this dogmatic sermons from the elders...i could die laughing..hilarious stuff really...

so, most of us, if not all...have pictured in our fertile minds that hell is a very undesirable environment, with demons, with monsters, with flames everywhere...and temperature may go between 101 degrees to 1,001 degrees celcius...with combination of thunders and some 8.0 magnitude earthquakes...and well, for a fact, Satan or Lucifer himself dwells in it...it is his kingdom...the exact opposite of our much-desired heaven...where Angels reside...with their glorious wings, with the Angelic Choirs singing unceasingly, and where God rules everything...with the temperature so cool that our skins would never feel coldness or humidity...where people float on air...They're exact opposites, really....

when i was a little girl, i have pictured hell as the ultimate abode of the sinners...those who have not passed the purgatorial trials to make it to heaven...so, hell is an infinite place for suffering, for torture and for everlasting repentance that is far from forgiveness....in hell, pain is the ultimate feeling one soul experiences...

i could just imagine, as i have seen in some films and illustrated literature, how hell is pictured: the souls lined up for their "torture" turns...the demons lashing their thorny whips at the physical bodies of the souls until blood flushes out of their skins...all those moanings and yellings...eeeeehhhhhh!!!!!! made my heart pound so fast that an ECG test would result to a very abnormal heart activity...and the Demons, moreso Satan himself, found sheer pleasure in those suffering souls....i could also imagine, the gluttons (like me, bwahahahaha!) being made to chew more than their mouths and bellies could take...and never stop, or else, they suffer the Demons wrath...and the hands of the stealers, pickpockets, pricked slowly and sliced thinly...oh! how grotesque!!!!!

NOW....NOW....AND NOW....

what is hell then?

what? what? what? An Angel writing about hell?


simply that.

"hell" is "work"

correct me if i am totally wrong (and i believe in a democratic society like we have, i am entitled to my own personal opinion, as what i am posting right now)...

what do you feel when you go to work?

the moment you step on the entrance door of the office...don't you feel some immediate "heat" from within...??? and this temperature rises up as soon as you go near your workstation and as long as the day passes by...??? funny, but real...undeniably real.

i would salute and make a monument of ANY PERSON who has not experience what i am saying right now...then, i would inscribe in the person's monument, "I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO HELL, WORK IS HEAVEN AND IT IS MY LIFE."

a working day starts with the rising in the temperature...just like the real hell...then, different stations are there...different TORTURE chambers...mental torture, for reports that have to beat deadlines...physical torture, for overtimes that should be complied with (doubly for those who are not paid overtime pay) and some legworks that need to be done...spiritual torture, for the curse that the bosses give to those who cannot comply, calling all Gods and Demons to unite for the working soul's destruction...emotional torture, for the workers who are made dumbasses by the bosses who do nothing but "blamestorm", thus, belittling the way they feel and destroying their self-confidences...SEE, now?

The Demons' League....The Devils' Advocates....The Primordial Evil...The Satan...The Lucifer....The Source of All Evil....The Boss and his allies? (OOOOpppssss!!!!! There are Bosses who are not like these creatures, really....But, most are like these) :-(

so, whatever effort workers, poor souls, exhert in hell...all seemed futile and useless...it's a never ending cycle of torture...for the benefit of the "Boss"...and his allies.

and, perhaps...the greatest escape from hell...is just to bid it goodbye...and start heaven in one's self...heaven is within us.

now...whenever you hear the word "hell"...you must have known how two twin flamed souls defined it...and just a wink then...perhaps some smile...or a good laugh.

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