Saturday, January 10, 2009


tears in my eyes.

how can i keep them from falling
like a waterfall that comes from the rivers of belief...
from sorrow.

a heart that is hurt.
a mind that is disturbed.
a soul that longs.
a love that lingers.

for him.

there are times when demons of selfishness haunt me.
an angel...caught by the demons.

i love a man.
true love i have found in him.
true love that lingers.

for him.

the time is ticking...awaiting.
if love from reciprocated.
in longing...i hope.
in love...i hope.
my soul searches.

one man.

only him.

tears keep falling...tears that synchronizes with the beat of my heart.
with the wind that blows.

tears of sorrow.
tears of love.

yes, for him.

tears are for him.
only for him.

mahal kita.

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